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Ryan Patterson

personal website

The honor was definitely all mine. I was truly a learning experience and one that I will never forget. Wonderful place, amazing people and teachers each and every one of you. Coming back to the "real world" has been tough even after three weeks I can feel the vibration of the plant inside of me, and I don't mean physically, It's as if my senses are more acute, I am more aware... clearer, maybe... It is hard for me to describe specially in English.
Lokah samastha sukhino bhavanthu.
Rosalia ~ Argentina

I thought the retreat was because I needed to get away for a bit. Ended up bringing home the little girl within. So happy and free, it has profoundly touched every part of my life. Thank you for the opportunity
Sincerely grateful,
Anita ~ New York
Mum of 2 and wife of a happy hubby that I took the break! : )

Ryan is amazing. He intuitively works the body while healing. I met him while hiking in Mallorca for a week and was lucky enough to have Ryan work with my body two times during the week where he was able to heal a long term knee and foot/heal problem. Now we are onto my shoulder.
Laura ~ Paris

Nianna Bray
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